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Your PDFs in HTML or Epub in a few steps

You want to make your PDFs more accessible and increase their reach. Whether online or offline, take advantage of our quality services.

From your PDF file or any other electronic document, we can easily convert it into HTML or Epub.

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Convert PDF to EPUB format

More speed and efficiency with DocAxess AI

Don't waste any more time on data processing. Transform your PDF into a readable format.  

The main advantage of our product is that it offers a high quality reproduction, thanks in particular to our work in structuring the data. Most existing tools require further processing, which is not the case here.

How does our EPUB and HTML convertor work?

Everyone uses the PDF format, but it cannot be modified or operated without further processing

Creating a website takes time and resources. After investing time in creating a publication, we help you to distribute it more widely and make it more user-friendly. With our AI product, we process the document to give you an output that can be used online or offline. For web or e-reader use.

Why choose the HTML format?

To have a web page quickly

Create a responsive version

 Make it easier to consult online

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Convert PDF to HTML (3)

Why choose the EPUB format?

 Offer a version that can be consulted offline

To distribute a format compatible with e-readers

Allows a comfortable reading experience

You need our solution to transform your PDF into a readable format.

How does it work?

Our AI recognizes the data, understands the data, breaks down the data.


Upload your document

Upload your unstructured documents via drag and drop interface on our web application or directly into our Enterprise API.



Select the output format

Advanced AI identifies data in your documents automatically. It will adapt, exploit and transform your PDF in to EPUB or HTML format.



Receive your processed document

Export as ready-to-use HTML or EPUB, or send your data directly to your business applications via API.


Benefits of DocAxess AI

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90% Time saving

Improve efficiency and save the costs related to manual data entry

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Quality rendering

We guarantee a quality of rendering and a 98% automation rate

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Productivity gains

Increase your ROI by saving time in your business processes

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Compliant personal data

We are totally respectful and compliant with your data


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Who are we?

DocAxess, a start-up born in 2020, solves the problems of processing, prioritizing and structuring the data contained in PDFs and office documents, regardless of their use, volume and exploitation.

We have developed cutting-edge technology based on AI that saves time and increases productivity.