Improve your PDFs' accessibility

Industrialize PDF tagging for greater accessibility

Does your business communication involve a large volume of PDF pages? Respect the law and avoid any discrimination by making your PDFs accessible: payslips, contracts, invoices, delivery notes, reports ....

Digital accessibility does not have to be an obstacle or a constraint. Thanks to our AI, which automates 80% of manual tasks, it becomes a lever for inclusion, allowing you to render the content of your PDFs, regardless of the type of user and their devices.

Tagging your PDFs on an industrial scale has never been easier or faster.

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What does digital accessibility mean?

What does digital accessibility mean?

Digital accessibility ("a11y") enables people with disabilities to have access to digital contents and services. In order to do so, international (WCAG), European and national standards exist to avoid any discrimination related to access to information. Each country or state can have is own regulation : USA : ADA, section 508 ; Germany : BITV 2 ; England : Equality Act 2010 ;  Québec : SGQRI 008; Australia : Disability Discrimination Act Advisory Notes, Section 5; France : RGAA. And many others.

Why make your documents accessible?

We design PDFs on a daily basis. This convenient format has become the most widely used medium for digital exchange. Allow your internal and external communication to be understood without discrimination.

Address legal and statutory issues

Since the creation of the web, the World Wide Web Consortium (3WC) has established standards and rules to take accessibility into account when designing digital products and services.

Most countries have adopted the Double-A level of these international standards (WCAG 2.1). However, some countries have developed their own accessibility standards and laws with penalties and fines to force public and private services to take them into account.

Legal and statutory iddues of digital accessibility
Enable large-scale accessibility

Enable large-scale accessibility

Automating the tagging of your simple PDFs to e-accessible PDFs allows your employees, collaborators, shareholders, investors, customers and other stakeholders with disabilities to access information like any other user without discrimination.

No need to deal with special cases, everyone is affected. By processing your documents in volume, your company will automatically gain readers and attract new talent. This approach also engages the trust and the sympathy capital of your structure, because people feel taken into account and integrated.

A global approach to Corporate Social Responsability

Digital accessibility is part of a global inclusive approach and of your organization's CSR strategy. It is not just a simple "label". These social and ethical issues become a priority. Your documents' accessibility increases the quality logic resulting from the AFNOR 26 000 standard, which provides a framework for the company's social and environmental approach.

Corporate social responsability

Would you like to make your PDFs accessible in record time?

How does it work?

Our AI recognises and structures data so that screen readers and other assistance technologies can access understandable content.


Upload your document

Upload your unstructured documents via a drag and drop interface to our web application or directly to our enterprise API..

first step upload your document


Let our AI work

Our AI can process hundreds of pages in seconds. 80% of the document accessibility will be automated.

step 2 let our AI work


Process your document

You get back a clean PDF, the reading order has been added and XML tags too for structuring the PDF.

step 3 : process your document

The benefits of our products


90% Time saving

Improve efficiency and save the costs related to manual data entry.

Quality rendering

We guarantee an improved level of structuring of your PDF
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Productivity gains

Increase your ROI

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Compliant personal data

We are totally respectful and compliant with your data


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Who are we?

DocAxess, a start-up born in 2020, solves the problems of processing, prioritizing and structuring the data contained in PDFs and office documents, regardless of their use, volume and exploitation.

We have developed cutting-edge technology based on AI that saves time and increases productivity.