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Contente digital solution

PubliSpeakTM, the ideal solution to gain productivity and autonomy in the management of web publications. PubliSpeakTM SaaS allows you to create a dynamic, responsive and e-accessible website from a PDF. Turn your PDF into a real communication tool.

PDF Accessible

PDF Accessible

Smart PDF tagging application

PDF Accessible democratises access to the content of the most widely used communication document : the PDF. Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence algorithm, hierarchise and structure the data contained in your PDF and comply with the ISO 14289-1 and PDF/UA standards. This way you can meet accessibility requirements and more.

Who are we ?

DocAxess, a start-up born in 2019, solves the problems of processing, prioritising and structuring the data contained in PDFs, regardless of their use, volume and exploitation.

We have developed a cutting-edge technology based on AI that save time and increase productivity.

This AI is used by our PubliSpeak and PDF Accessible products to meet the needs of data communication and retrieval.