Our expertise


Contente digital solution

PubliSpeak™ is the ideal solution for enhancing and distributing your web publications in an efficient manner. From a PDF, our solution allows you to create a dynamic, responsive and e‑accessible website. Turn your PDFs into high‑performance communication tools that comply with current accessibility standards.

PDF Accessible

Smart PDF tagging application

Accessible PDF allows companies and public organizations to comply with digital accessibility obligations by automating and industrializing PDF tagging. Thanks to our artificial intelligence tool, prioritize and structure the data contained in your documents and comply with the ISO 14289-1 and PDF/UA standards.

Who are we?

The PubliSpeak™ and PDF Accessible applications, allow DocAxess to respond to communication and accessibility issues and to place itself among the leaders in the accessible software market.

DocAxess is composed of dynamic and committed employees and has a research and development center that works closely with university laboratories.