Fully exploit your PDFs

AI to extract, structure and convert your PDFs

Do you want to increase your productivity and stop processing volumes of PDF documents manually?

Our solution AI solution is more than just OCR extractor. It is a true artificial intelligence that reproduces human reasoning to 98%.

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DocAxess Saas AI Solution

What is DocAxess AI solution?

DocAxess is the first AI solution that recognizes, understands, decomposes and structures like a human reader.
In addition, reproducing a logical reading order means locating and interpreting in your document: 

Titles, subtitles
Paragraphs, lists
Tables, figures
Pictures, drawings, graphics
Web links, e-mail addresses

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Benefits of DocAxess AI


90% Time saving

Improve efficiency and save the costs related to manual data entry

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Quality rendering

We guarantee a quality of rendering and a 98% automation rate


Productivity gains

Increase your ROI by saving time in your business processes


Compliant personal data

We are totally respectful and compliant with your data


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Who we are

DocAxess, a start-up born in 2020, solves the problems of processing, prioritizing and structuring the data contained in PDFs and office documents, regardless of their use, volume and exploitation.

We have developed cutting-edge technology based on AI that saves time and increases productivity.